Mozilla J&K organises MozCoffee Kashmir at ThinkPod Srinagar

Mozilla Community, J&K on October 2nd organized MozCoffee, a small informal meetup of new and existing community members to restructure the local community, plan future events and initiatives and assign roles.


The event was held at ThinkPod CoWorking Space in Srinagar Kashmir India.

The event started with the session, introduction to Mozilla hosted by Syed Aasim. He welcomed new members, introduced them to different programs and projects of Mozilla and its community in J&K.

The next session was held by Mukhtar Ahmed (Yehya) who presented his report on past events and their impact.


He suggested ways to make the events more impactful and useful.

Insha Kanue, one of the existing members of the community talked about the tech sessions that could be held in the future.

Mohammad Akeel, a mozillian gave an introduction to MozActivate, the programs under it and the Campus Clubs Program. He encouraged the participants to start a Campus Club in their college/university and do activities mentioned in the MozActivate initiative.22154355_2027585400809622_6218079758808354886_n

In the following session, roles were defined and discussed. According to skills and experience, different roles like Content Creator, TechSpeaker, Social Media Manager, PR etc were assigned to each member present during the meetup.


In the end, future events and initiatives were discussed. The agenda for the next event, Firefox Quantum Sprint was finalized. The event is scheduled to be held on October 7th at S.P College Srinagar.

It was also decided that the next event, a tech workshop would be held in the ending October wherein the session on activities under MozActivate (Rust and WebVR) would be held. Besides, a session on Android, UI/UX and AI would also be organized.

In the last session, it was decided that the roles assigned would be changed after every 6-8months.


Depending on the contribution, the roles could be reassigned or changed among the members.

The 4-hour meetup ended with the thank you note from the organizers.


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Mozilla Add-ons Workshop at NIEC New Delhi

On Aug 19, the mozpacers (Mozilla Community, Delhi NCR) in collaboration with IEEE NIEC organised one-day add-ons workshop at Northern India Engineering  College, New Delhi.

With more than a hundred attendees, the event started with an introduction to mozilla, its projects and the new Mozilla Activate initiative. The session was hosted by Pushpita Dey. She talked about Campus Clubs, different activities that can be done and encouraged the students to join the community.


Next session was more like a workshop hosted by Trishul Goel. He started with an introduction to Add-ons (Web Extensions). In the hands-on session the participants developed two Addons for Firefox Browser and tested them in the live session. Trishul’s session was very interactive, participants were very much interested to learn more.

After half-an-hour of lunch break, the session was resumed with same energy and enthusiasm. Tushar, a mozillian also spoke during the session about Addons and shared his ideas about addons that are yet to be developed and can really be useful. The session ended at around 4pm.

In the end, QA and Feedback Session was held. The participants thanked mozillians for hosting the event and requested them to host more events like these in different colleges across Delhi NCR.




Firefox Nightly Event at Spring House Qutub New Delhi

Mozpacers (Mozilla Community, Delhi NCR) on Saturday organized Firefox Nightly event at Spring House Qutub New Delhi. The aim was to spread awareness about Firefox’s Nightly version and encourage the attendees to use and test the browser.

Bhuvnesh Dogra, a Mozilla Rep hosted the first session wherein he talked about the Mozilla, its community in Delhi and different programs, projects of Mozilla.


Next session was held by Mr.Ripple Gupta who introduced the attendees to Software Testing and different tools to use for effective and efficient testing. After a break of 30min, he talked about Firefox Nightly Testing.

The event ended with QA and Feedback Session hosted by Bhuvnesh. Attendees gave a positive feedback, asked questions and showed their interest in joining the mozilla community.

Shehriyar Zaidi, the owner of Spring House Coworking appreciated the efforts of mozpacers in bringing awareness among the people about different technologies and encouraged the organisers to host more event at his Coworking space.



Kashmir Uses Firefox Nightly

nightly event.png

The event was a part of PAN India pilot campaign for Firefox Nightly aimed to create a strong technical community who will be using and testing Nightly on a regular basis. Besides, it was a meetup for community members in the region. The event Kashmir Uses Firefox Nightly was organised at Bangs, Srinagar on 25th May, 2017.

fxnightly1.PNG fxnightly2.PNG

We started with the brief Introduction about Mozilla, its projects and programs and its local community in the state of Jammu and Kashmir. We then introduced the attendees to Firefox Nightly, why do we have this version of firefox, why should we use it and what are the benefits. Then the steps to download, install and the filing of bug was shown. Few attendees installed the browser and also signed up for an account on Bugzilla.

fxnightly3.PNG  fxnightly4.PNG

We also discussed WebCompat and how to contribute to it.

Besides, the attendees were introduced to the projects and programs of Mozilla that are currently in focus. WebVR, Rust, WebCompat to name a few. We also devised a plan for the local community as to what activities to take out in the coming months.

fxnightly5.PNG    fxnightly6.PNG

The attendees shared content about the event and the Firefox Nightly Browser online with the hashtag #INUsesFxNightly.

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Mozilla DevCon Kashmir 2016 organised at SSM College


A two-day event-cum-workshop from April 19th to 20th was organized at SSM college of Engineering and Technology by Mozilla community J&K. The event called Mozilla DevCon Kashmir, 2016 was aimed at disseminating the computer literacy and Internet of Things (IoT) technology among the students of different colleges of the valley who had participated in the ev

ent . The two-day event was inaugurated by the Chairman of the college Shabir Qazi. On day first ,importance of computer education in the present contemporary world was highlighted.


Mozilla community India Liason Vineel Reddy gave a detailed presentation on open source and Mozilla. Another Mozilla India representative Harsha Vardhan conducted a session on Mozilla Mission, Manifesto and various platforms of contribution. Moreover introduction to different Firefox products such as Firefox OS was given.


Junaid Masoodi and Nida Ismail Shah gave presentation on open source communities around the world, introduced the participants about Drupal, GitHub and other technologies.
Raves Bhat, Director NIIT Srinagar highlighted the role of technology in our daily lives and the need for the people to learn about it. He gave a presentation on Oracle Certifications and distributed free Oracle Certification Exam Vouchers among the participants.


On the day two of the event the members of the Mozilla community India gave an introduction to Internet of Things, Arduino and Raspberry PI, Sensor and Human Analogy and other such smart technologies currently in vogue and demand.

Dipesh Monga, a Mozilla Rep from Rajasthan held hands-on session on programmable boards, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and gave introduction to sensors and IoT.


Vineel Reddy gave a talk on community building, leadership and Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. Harsha Vardhan in his presentation gave an introduction to Sensors and Human Analogy.


Mozilla Community J&K Members Yaseen Majeed and Yamin Hameed gave a detailed presentation on Mozilla J&K. They introduced participants to the projects and programs that the community is working on, the events it has organized and the ways to join the community.

Irfan Hamid, Software Engineer at Wipro held a session on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

In the end, Mozilla Community J&K Lead Tanzeel Khan appreciated participants for joining the event and encouraged them to join the community and contribute to mozilla. He thanked college authorities for providing space to host the event.

A quiz competition was also held on both the days of the event in which winning students were awarded with Mozilla goodies. The principal SSM College N A Shah was presented with the vote of thanks by giving a memento. Upon being invited to the stage, he expressed his views and highlighted upon the need of such more events in the future and talked about the vast scope and diversity in the computer technology field.


Furthermore, certificates and mementos of appreciation were presented to speakers, organizers and volunteers of the event. Mozilla Community J&K appreciated the students who participated in the 2-day event and encouraged them to join this community in order to make its scope broader and more diverse. The community made sure that more and more of such events will be held for the benefit of students and enthusiastic The event organizers expressed their thanks to the college for providing space and to Kathi Junction, NIIT and Pace Productions for helping make the event possible.
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Hour Of Code at Srinagar, Kashmir


Mozilla Community J&K in collaboration SP Higher Secondary School, AdCrew (formerly, PearlCraft) and Microsoft Student Partner | J&K organized Hour of Code at SP School Srinagar.

An event to introduce Computer Science, designed to demystify ‘code’ and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator and an innovator.
The event started with the introduction to Hour of Code, its motto and mission.
Tanzeel Khan gave an introduction to Coding, Open Source, trending technologies, Mozilla, its mission and manifesto.

ese.JPGHe then started a session on Basics of Web, HTML and various tools/resources available on the web to learn making the web. He introduced participants to Mozilla Webmaker Tools like X-Ray Goggles and Thimble.

After the session, we played some videos about Mozilla, Webmaker, Hour Of Code etc.

Khalid Majeed, a FSA from our region introduced the participants to Programming Basics, Getting Started and benefits/scope for those who learn coding.


The last session was about completing a task using programming concepts in Scratch.


We taught the students about using Scratch to solve the given problems and then made them to solve different problems.


We distributed some goodies too to those who completed the given task. Certificates were also given to the participants.


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FoxYeah: Firefox Growth Campaign at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


Mozilla Community J&K organized FoxYeah: Firefox Growth Campaign Event in Srinagar.

The Fox Yeah event held on Tuesday, 28th August 2015 atBangs, Srinagar J&K organized by Mozilla Community J&K was a great success.

This event was aimed at making people aware about the mozilla 6community here, the mozilla projects, products especially the mozilla firefox browser, programs and the ways to contribute to them.

The event started at 10:30 am and was concluded at 2:30pm

Around 20 Firefox Student Ambassadors registered for the event and 12 of them joined us. They gave their suggestions on growing mozilla community here and making people download and use firefox browser and other mozilla products.

In the beginning, attendees introduced themselves and spoke about the reason of joining mozilla community. The event was kickstarted by Tanzeel Khan,11 who spoke about the motive of FoxYeah Event. He gave introduction to mozilla projects, products and the way to contribute to mozilla. He encouraged attendees to contribute and share the same with others.

Then the FSA’s who were present there wrote the projects to which they are interested to contribute or to which they are already contributing.

Around 12pm, we started a group discussion about how we could make people discussinguse firefox, where should we campaign, why would people use firefox and what are effective ways to campaign and make people join our community and contribute. All the attendees gave their valuable suggestions and ideas. The discussion was very informative and fruitful. All the attendees actively participated in it.

Mukhtar Ahmed, who was one of the event organizers introduced the attendees to Open Source, its benefits and the reason to contribute to it.

Around 1:15pm, the lunch was served among the participants.

9At 1:45pm, all the participants wrote down the ideas and suggestions. In order to grow mozilla community here and make people use firefox, we should organize more events, hackathons and workshops that would aware people about mozilla and would make them to use firefox, the participants suggested.

All the participants agreed to organize events at their respective colleges and schools in their locality and suggested to organize a meetup once a month to discuss about the future plan.4

We also discussed about the ongoing MakerParty Campaign of Mozilla and decided to organize at least 8 MakerParty cum Web Literacy events across the J&K State in the month of August.

We distributed stickers and badges among the attendees. The event was concluded at 2:30pm.

Since then, the FSA’s who attended FoxYeah event have installed Firefox Browser in their respective colleges and Universities and suggested their friends to use the browser on their PC and Android Phone. We have decided to reward the FSA’s who will make more number of people to use Firefox.


Tanzeel Khan

Mukhtar Ahmed

Ubaidullah Pandit