Street Hack 1.0 at Delhi NCR

Code Street in collaboration with UltraHack India Chapter and Mozilla India organised Street Hack – a 24-hr Hackathon at Investopad Gurugram from 21st-22nd April 2018. Developers including students, working professionals from New Delhi and neighbouring states participated in the hackathon.


Starting from 11am in the morning, the budding and enthusastic developers started tinkering and developing a project aligned with the following themes:

  • Forest in Finland/Helsinki
  • Event mobility
  • Smart City solution using AI
  • Space app solutions
  • Open theme


Using different technologies like node.js, Pyhton, Angular etc combined with motors, IoT Devices, rovers the participants developed web-based as well as hardware projects. From Big Data Analysers to VR-based projects, it was all there, devised and developed by awesome developers 🙂
Around mid-night, we judged the projects being developed, suggested few changes and ideas and also checked if the stuff being developed aligns with the Hackathon theme.

Among the 17 awesome projects developed by 17 participating teams, only 1 has to be selected. After rigorous judging and discussion, we finally selected Team Ground Assist as the winner – This team interpolated the forest data (provided via Ultrahack Finland), and produced a JSON, then they used this JSON to create a kibana dashboard where they displayed that data into beautiful charts/graphs along with necessary filters.


They were declared as winner of the Streethack 1.0 and along with the prize, the team won a paid trip to Finland to participate in Ultrahack Finland Hackathon.

Coffee, Food, Swags and Music is what kept the hackers hacking during 24-hr long hackathon. It was of course a collective effort of the organising team that made this hackathon a success.31154133_1683395018392820_309630557510172672_n.jpg

The supporting organisations like GitHub, HackerEarth, AdCrew, .tech, npm, Zulip, bugsee, JetBrains, Investopad Gurugram, ILUGD, Wolfram Language etc without whom the hackathon would not have been possible.



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