Mozilla J&K organises MozCoffee Kashmir at ThinkPod Srinagar

Mozilla Community, J&K on October 2nd organized MozCoffee, a small informal meetup of new and existing community members to restructure the local community, plan future events and initiatives and assign roles.


The event was held at ThinkPod CoWorking Space in Srinagar Kashmir India.

The event started with the session, introduction to Mozilla hosted by Syed Aasim. He welcomed new members, introduced them to different programs and projects of Mozilla and its community in J&K.

The next session was held by Mukhtar Ahmed (Yehya) who presented his report on past events and their impact.


He suggested ways to make the events more impactful and useful.

Insha Kanue, one of the existing members of the community talked about the tech sessions that could be held in the future.

Mohammad Akeel, a mozillian gave an introduction to MozActivate, the programs under it and the Campus Clubs Program. He encouraged the participants to start a Campus Club in their college/university and do activities mentioned in the MozActivate initiative.22154355_2027585400809622_6218079758808354886_n

In the following session, roles were defined and discussed. According to skills and experience, different roles like Content Creator, TechSpeaker, Social Media Manager, PR etc were assigned to each member present during the meetup.


In the end, future events and initiatives were discussed. The agenda for the next event, Firefox Quantum Sprint was finalized. The event is scheduled to be held on October 7th at S.P College Srinagar.

It was also decided that the next event, a tech workshop would be held in the ending October wherein the session on activities under MozActivate (Rust and WebVR) would be held. Besides, a session on Android, UI/UX and AI would also be organized.

In the last session, it was decided that the roles assigned would be changed after every 6-8months.


Depending on the contribution, the roles could be reassigned or changed among the members.

The 4-hour meetup ended with the thank you note from the organizers.


For more pictures:


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