Mozilla DevCon Kashmir 2016 organised at SSM College


A two-day event-cum-workshop from April 19th to 20th was organized at SSM college of Engineering and Technology by Mozilla community J&K. The event called Mozilla DevCon Kashmir, 2016 was aimed at disseminating the computer literacy and Internet of Things (IoT) technology among the students of different colleges of the valley who had participated in the ev

ent . The two-day event was inaugurated by the Chairman of the college Shabir Qazi. On day first ,importance of computer education in the present contemporary world was highlighted.


Mozilla community India Liason Vineel Reddy gave a detailed presentation on open source and Mozilla. Another Mozilla India representative Harsha Vardhan conducted a session on Mozilla Mission, Manifesto and various platforms of contribution. Moreover introduction to different Firefox products such as Firefox OS was given.


Junaid Masoodi and Nida Ismail Shah gave presentation on open source communities around the world, introduced the participants about Drupal, GitHub and other technologies.
Raves Bhat, Director NIIT Srinagar highlighted the role of technology in our daily lives and the need for the people to learn about it. He gave a presentation on Oracle Certifications and distributed free Oracle Certification Exam Vouchers among the participants.


On the day two of the event the members of the Mozilla community India gave an introduction to Internet of Things, Arduino and Raspberry PI, Sensor and Human Analogy and other such smart technologies currently in vogue and demand.

Dipesh Monga, a Mozilla Rep from Rajasthan held hands-on session on programmable boards, Arduino, Raspberry Pi and gave introduction to sensors and IoT.


Vineel Reddy gave a talk on community building, leadership and Firefox Student Ambassadors Program. Harsha Vardhan in his presentation gave an introduction to Sensors and Human Analogy.


Mozilla Community J&K Members Yaseen Majeed and Yamin Hameed gave a detailed presentation on Mozilla J&K. They introduced participants to the projects and programs that the community is working on, the events it has organized and the ways to join the community.

Irfan Hamid, Software Engineer at Wipro held a session on Artificial Intelligence and machine learning.

In the end, Mozilla Community J&K Lead Tanzeel Khan appreciated participants for joining the event and encouraged them to join the community and contribute to mozilla. He thanked college authorities for providing space to host the event.

A quiz competition was also held on both the days of the event in which winning students were awarded with Mozilla goodies. The principal SSM College N A Shah was presented with the vote of thanks by giving a memento. Upon being invited to the stage, he expressed his views and highlighted upon the need of such more events in the future and talked about the vast scope and diversity in the computer technology field.


Furthermore, certificates and mementos of appreciation were presented to speakers, organizers and volunteers of the event. Mozilla Community J&K appreciated the students who participated in the 2-day event and encouraged them to join this community in order to make its scope broader and more diverse. The community made sure that more and more of such events will be held for the benefit of students and enthusiastic The event organizers expressed their thanks to the college for providing space and to Kathi Junction, NIIT and Pace Productions for helping make the event possible.
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