Hour Of Code at Srinagar, Kashmir


Mozilla Community J&K in collaboration SP Higher Secondary School, AdCrew (formerly, PearlCraft) and Microsoft Student Partner | J&K organized Hour of Code at SP School Srinagar.

An event to introduce Computer Science, designed to demystify ‘code’ and show that anyone can learn the basics to be a maker, a creator and an innovator.
The event started with the introduction to Hour of Code, its motto and mission.
Tanzeel Khan gave an introduction to Coding, Open Source, trending technologies, Mozilla, its mission and manifesto.

ese.JPGHe then started a session on Basics of Web, HTML and various tools/resources available on the web to learn making the web. He introduced participants to Mozilla Webmaker Tools like X-Ray Goggles and Thimble.

After the session, we played some videos about Mozilla, Webmaker, Hour Of Code etc.

Khalid Majeed, a FSA from our region introduced the participants to Programming Basics, Getting Started and benefits/scope for those who learn coding.


The last session was about completing a task using programming concepts in Scratch.


We taught the students about using Scratch to solve the given problems and then made them to solve different problems.


We distributed some goodies too to those who completed the given task. Certificates were also given to the participants.


For for more details, query or suggestions, kindly send an email to mozillajk@gmail.com.

Thank You! 🙂


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