FoxYeah: Firefox Growth Campaign at Srinagar, Jammu and Kashmir


Mozilla Community J&K organized FoxYeah: Firefox Growth Campaign Event in Srinagar.

The Fox Yeah event held on Tuesday, 28th August 2015 atBangs, Srinagar J&K organized by Mozilla Community J&K was a great success.

This event was aimed at making people aware about the mozilla 6community here, the mozilla projects, products especially the mozilla firefox browser, programs and the ways to contribute to them.

The event started at 10:30 am and was concluded at 2:30pm

Around 20 Firefox Student Ambassadors registered for the event and 12 of them joined us. They gave their suggestions on growing mozilla community here and making people download and use firefox browser and other mozilla products.

In the beginning, attendees introduced themselves and spoke about the reason of joining mozilla community. The event was kickstarted by Tanzeel Khan,11 who spoke about the motive of FoxYeah Event. He gave introduction to mozilla projects, products and the way to contribute to mozilla. He encouraged attendees to contribute and share the same with others.

Then the FSA’s who were present there wrote the projects to which they are interested to contribute or to which they are already contributing.

Around 12pm, we started a group discussion about how we could make people discussinguse firefox, where should we campaign, why would people use firefox and what are effective ways to campaign and make people join our community and contribute. All the attendees gave their valuable suggestions and ideas. The discussion was very informative and fruitful. All the attendees actively participated in it.

Mukhtar Ahmed, who was one of the event organizers introduced the attendees to Open Source, its benefits and the reason to contribute to it.

Around 1:15pm, the lunch was served among the participants.

9At 1:45pm, all the participants wrote down the ideas and suggestions. In order to grow mozilla community here and make people use firefox, we should organize more events, hackathons and workshops that would aware people about mozilla and would make them to use firefox, the participants suggested.

All the participants agreed to organize events at their respective colleges and schools in their locality and suggested to organize a meetup once a month to discuss about the future plan.4

We also discussed about the ongoing MakerParty Campaign of Mozilla and decided to organize at least 8 MakerParty cum Web Literacy events across the J&K State in the month of August.

We distributed stickers and badges among the attendees. The event was concluded at 2:30pm.

Since then, the FSA’s who attended FoxYeah event have installed Firefox Browser in their respective colleges and Universities and suggested their friends to use the browser on their PC and Android Phone. We have decided to reward the FSA’s who will make more number of people to use Firefox.


Tanzeel Khan

Mukhtar Ahmed

Ubaidullah Pandit


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