Web Literacy event @Srinagar


Mozilla Community J&K Organized Web Literacy Event at Wakf High School, Khanyar Srinagar.

The event began with the introduction to Mozilla, its local community, programs and projects. This session was held by Tanzeel Khan

Syed Aasim Bukhari, an FSA of our region gave an introduction about learning to code, making the web and using it in a proper way.
He also introduced the students to Basics of Networking, the Internet and the communication between different devices.

Tanzeel Khan held a session about Basics of Web, Web Browsers, Communication methods, HTML and CSS. He taught the students, the basics of HTML and CSS.


In the end, Quiz session was held and questions about the Internet, Networking, Web Making, and Basics of Computers were asked. The winners were given the stickers and badges as a token of appreciation.
The Principal and teachers of the school appreciated this initiative and encouraged us to organise more events like this in the future.

For more info about the event, kindly send an email to mozillajk@gmail.com


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