[Event Report] Mozilla L10n Hackathon 2015

Mozilla L10n Hackathon Mozilla Jammu and Kashmir Logo

In connection with the translation of Mozilla Firefox browser into Kashmiri Language, Mozilla Community J&K conducted a two-day event to kick off this project. The event was held at S.P College, Srinagar from 5th to 6th of June 2015. A couple of months prior to the event, it was publicized through media and advertisement firms.  We were able to gain enough

support to conduct this event smoothly and successfully. Many students who were computer-literate with command over both English and Kashmiri Languages took part in the event and contributed to this project. The translators from Pakistan, Sri Lanka and France also joined the event remotely. Some of the translators contributed to Urdu Localization.  Demonstrations were given to them in order to teach them about how to trMozillaanslate each string and avoid errors.

Besides, there were sessions on Mozilla, its products, projects and programs such as Firefox Student ambassadors program, net neutrality, open source, privacy and security.

Many a presentation were given by different programmers, developers and designers. The event was highly acclaimed by internet enthusiasts and netizens. People who were present in the event showed very keen interest in mozilla and looked forward to more such events. IMG_0466The report of this event was published by different local newspapers, magazines and monthlies.
The event started after the registration of all participants. All the participants gave a brief intro about themselves.

Firstly, we introduced Mozilla community J&K, its objectives, mission and goals. After giving all the instructions to contributors about the modus operandi of translation, they started rendering the strings into Kashmiri language.  We also distributed the swags in between to keep the interest of translators. Luncheon, tea and snacks were also served among contributors, attendees during the event.

The event was organized and volunteered by:

Tanzeel Khan (Locale Head/ Community Lead)

Ubaidullah Pandit20150606_160849

Syed Wajid Aalam

Mukhtar Ahmad

Here’s what we accomplished before and after the event:

Prior to the event Firefox Browser for Android
0% translated

After the event
37% translatedIMG_20150606_131608618_HDR

Prior to the event Firefox Browser for PC

56% translated
After the event

96% translated

Many local media persons covered the event and published the news online and on many leading newspapers and magazines of the region:

News about the event online and on newspapers:
Posts about the event on facebook: https://www.facebook.com/mozillajandk

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