My Experience as a Firefox Student Ambassador

I got to know about the Firefox Student Ambassador about a year  ago and got registered for it.After getting clarity about the program I started with the first activity. I got the FSA Open Badge and Club Lead Badge a month ago.I also got a Certificate of Identification from FSA Program Manager. I’m a Mozillian since Jan 2013 and I have a vouched account on

Being a part of the Mozilla program as the Firefox student ambassador opened up new horizons for me in understanding the various roles I can play in spreading the philosophy of open web and open source and how we students can be a serious force in making the web a better place to live with!

Being with the program I got introduced to:

Mozilla and its products like Firefox OS, Webmaker and I learned how to contribute to Mozilla and now I am contributing to Mozilla by Helping Users, I have also Joined Army of Awesome and other things through which I contribute to Mozilla. Recently I got Army of Awesome Badge 2014.

I started Mozilla Community Kashmir and as we had no working firefox club in the state, so I created one named as Kashmir Mozilla Club.

After starting the club I faced great challenges like I need to make the students familiarized about my club.The next was regarding the publicity of my club.I created Facebook page and also I Invited students to join the club.I awaited for a month and to my surprise I received great responses.I choose all the students who were  very enthusiastic about open source,mozilla, the club and specially the firefox OS!.I did my club’s first club meet a week later, we shared our views about Mozilla and it’s great products.We also discussed about future plans. I have applied for conducting a Web Taining Day Event related to Firefox OS,Webmaker,HTML CSS etc at my college.As we have no Mozilla rep in our state so I am also applying for that.

At last all I can say is that The mozilla program is definitely for everyone whether you are a coder,teacher,hacker,designer, or even just someone passionate about open source, firefox and other mozilla products and keen on spreading the word to others deprived of this awesome community. There is a place for all.


Tanzeel Khan

Club Lead: Kashmir Mozilla Club

S.P College Srinagar India

FSA and a proud Mozillian!


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